Winooski Falls

Vermont's Newest Downtown

After years of planning, the Winooski Falls neighborhood is underway in downtown Winooski. The Winooski downtown area will soon be transformed into a vibrant city center with an eclectic mix of residential, retail, parkland, and public space. In the new Winooski Falls you will be able to wake up each morning in a spacious, beautifully-appointed condo or apartment, shop and work right next to home and, at the end of the day, stroll down a lively Riverwalk to your favorite restaurant.

Planned and constructed by private developers with the support of the City of Winooski and the State of Vermont, the Winooski Falls neighborhood is on the cutting edge of smart growth development. Our vision is bold, and our plans are ambitious and innovative.

The Winooski Falls team welcomes inquiries from prospective retail and residential tenants.Contact us today to find out how you can secure a prime location in what will be one of the most livable, walkable, enjoyable downtowns in Vermont – and in the country.

Winooski Falls 25 Winooski Falls Way, Suite 105 Winooski, VT 05404 Phone: 802-655-3200 Fax: 802-655-3201

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